Top 5 Baseball Coach Outbursts

Coach and Umpire Fight

Baseball coach outbursts may be one for the most humiliating, vulgar, or sometimes the funniest things to witness on a baseball field. It’s like comparing baseball coaches to hockey fights, they are part of the game and the fans roar when it happens. With little to no impact on the incoming games ahead for their actions. When coaches get thrown out of a baseball game, it usually starts with a close call. Depending on the inning and the importance of the game, usually determines the level of outburst to come. They then race to the umpire to put in there two cents and depending on the umpire’s mood, tossing out ethics, it’s their call when a coach has stepped over that disrespect boundary. “You’re Gone!” The umpire will shout and throw his hand and pointer finger to the stands….Cheers and Roars, or even boos depending if it was a home ejection or not. Personally I have never had a coach with a high temper that would run out on the field and blow a gasket. Sure I had coaches that would defend his players, but in a respectful manner. Maybe getting thrown out of 1 game for every 100. I have been played with more players with belligerent tempers that have thrown bats into the stands, spit on umpires, kicked dirt up on the umpire.

Top 5 Baseball Manager Outbursts!

I have compiled my Top Five list of baseball coach ejections and outburst videos, they consist of both Pro and Amateur levels. I have to warn you some of these have very foul language and are offensive. If you find bad language offensive I suggest you skip over #2 and #4.

5. Lou Piniella Ejection Tribute.

Lou Piniella was a manager that wore his emotions on his sleeve. He is known for kickin’ dirt and losing his hat!

4. Coach Hal Mcrae of the Kansas City Royals in 1993 throws a fit, Literally!

After a post game Mcrae goes absolutely ballistic after getting asked a question he did not like. This is one for the record books. If you ever plan on being a reporter, make sure you ask the right questions. If you don’t make sure you have quick reflexes, you may have to dodge some flying objects.

3. Earl Weaver Tirades and Comments

This is a funny clip of Earl Weaver and umpires commenting on the random ejection rants by the famous Manager Earl Weaver. Earl was known for his flashy game tossing and would leave everything on the field. He holds the lead with 27.03 games per ejection. This clip is great because you actually get to hear what the umpires think of him, and Weaver’s thoughts on his ejections. Take a look!

2. South Georgia Peanuts manager Wally Backman Drops F-Bombs for the ages.

This video might be the biggest Tyrant I have ever seen by a coach. Wally Backman not only drops about 100 F-Bombs in about 5 minutes he throws over 20 bats and baseballs onto the baseball field. So what happened? Backman ran out of the dugout after one of his players was ejected for questioning a strike call at the plate. Backman asked the umpire why he was ejected and the umpire would not answer him, saying “You can read it in my report.” To watch this train wreck press play.


1. Minor League Braves Manager Phil Wellman go Army style for an Oscar!

Number one on the list goes to Double AA Manager/actor of the Braves, Phillip Wellman. This by far is the funniest manager outburst of all time, he covers all the steps! He ends pretending the rosin bag is a grenade, bet you never thought a coach would do that! This little stunt actually cost Wellman a three game suspension.  We heard he spent it at boot camp! So if you have never seen this clip it is a must see. After his three year managing career with the Braves was over, he joined the Springfield Cardinals as their hitting coach in the 2011 MLB season.


Top 5 MLB Managers to be ejected out of the most MLB baseball games. Check them out!


images1. Bobby Cox
Teams: Braves (1978-81), Blue Jays (1982-85), Braves (1990-2010)
Games: 4,501
Ejections: 161
Games per ejection: 27.96

McGraw2. John McGraw
Teams: NL Orioles (1899), AL Orioles (1901-02), Giants (1902-32)
Games: 4,768
Ejections: 118
Games per ejection: 40.41

Earl_weaver3. Earl Weaver
Team: Orioles (1968-82, 1985-86)
Games: 2,541
Ejections: 94
Games per ejection: 27.03

Leo4. Leo Durocher
Teams: Dodgers (1939-46), Giants (1948-55), Cubs (1966-72), Astros (1972-73)
Games: 3,738
Ejections: 94
Games per ejection: 39.77

Tony5. Tony LaRussa
Team(s): White Sox (1979-86), Athletics (1986-95), Cardinals (1996-2011)
Games: 5,097
Ejections: 87
Games per ejection: 58.55

That’s our Top 5 Manager Outbursts! If you have even seen a Coach or Manager get thrown out of  a game in a historical fashion, please share it with us! We look forward to reading your experiences.

– Matt Ingle


  1. Great post! Would love to see a list of baseball fights. They dont happen all that often but a batter charging the mound is really exciting to watch.

  2. Great post! I had never seen the South Georgia Peanuts one before. That dude lost it

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