Top 5 Baseball Coach Outbursts

Baseball coach outbursts may be one for the most humiliating, vulgar, or sometimes the funniest things to witness on a baseball field. It's like comparing baseball coaches to hockey fights, they are part of the game and the fans roar when it happens. With little to no impact on the incoming games ahead for their actions. When coaches get thrown out of a baseball game, it usually starts with a … [Read more...]

Annex Baseball – Sign All American Sport Shoppe as Dealer!

We are proud to introduce The All American Sport Shoppe as our 4th Dealer, located in Canoga, California. They will now be carrying Annex Baseball Bats and other Annex products! All American also provides many services such as: Glove repair, custom letters, pitchers toe installation, bat grip installation, batters helmet ear cut, c-flap and face mask installation. Business hours are 10am-6pm … [Read more...]

The Cages, Become Dealer of Annex Baseball!

We are so happy to introduce our newest dealer! The Cages in Burnsville Minnesota, will now supply their clients with pro quality Annex wood baseball bats. The Cages has a massive facility of 30,000 square feet to meet all of your sporting needs. They have 15 batting cages that span 75ft long and 13ft wide, with a ceiling height of 20ft! If your team would like to have an open area for fielding … [Read more...]

Superstition in the Game of Baseball

Some of the most mysterious things hidden within the game of baseball are superstitions and rituals. Baseball players are known for having their own ways to keep their good play in check, or they try something very odd to get themselves out of a batting slump or a poor direction. This can consist of a one time act, or a ritualistic action based on superstition, that continues for every game played … [Read more...]

Annex Custom Wood Bats

Annex Baseball is proud to introduce custom name branding! Make your mark and customize your wood bat by having your name hand-burned into your baseball bat. Our loyal clients requested this option, so we jumped into action and teamed up with our branding experts so we could design this custom feature for everyone. There is a 20 character maximum limit, so choose your warrior name and take it into … [Read more...]

National Sports Collectors Convention

National Sports Collectors Convention, By Jason Vesledahl.   One of my favorite trips of the year was going to the National Sports Collectors Convention (NSCC). I grew up collecting baseball cards until I was 12, but I stopped to enjoy High School and college, so collecting anything took a back seat, until I rediscovered it again 3 years ago. The show was July 31st to August 4th in … [Read more...]

History of Baseball Uniforms

  Have you ever wondered, why your favorite baseball team occasionally wears a uniform that looks like they are part of the circus? Or that they look like they came right out of a Baseball History Almanac? This is because Major League Baseball likes to have teams participate in Throwback Baseball Games, this is where each team wear their uniforms from a previous era. This has become very … [Read more...]

Baseball’s Triple Play

Triple Plays A triple play in baseball is very rare to see from year to year, it may happen a handful of times, to not even occurring once during the entire season. It's not that it's tough for Major League players to perform the triple play. But it's rare to have the field is set up just right, and the batter hitting the ball to the right place at the right time. I personally have never been … [Read more...]

The Hit Zone LLC, Becomes Dealer of Annex Baseball!

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with The Hit Zone LLC, out of Swampscott, Massachusetts as our newest Dealer. The Mike Giardi runs a fantastic facility, a 8,000 sq. ft. building that features six automated baseball and softball machines, three fully-equipped instructional cages, a Pro Shop, a party/film room and video games. They will now be carrying Annex pro quality Wood Bats to … [Read more...]

Tommy John Surgery

I have been a pitcher all of my life and have had a chance to meet many great pitchers. I only know one player that has had a Tommy John surgery and another friend of mine received surgery on his growth plate for his left elbow. My friend was young enough where they were able to repair it without the use of the Tommy John procedure. It seems like into today's game there are many players that have … [Read more...]