Become a Fan on Facebook and Win a Free Annex Wood Bat!

We are racing for our 1000th fan, and we have a ways to go! When that day comes we will be raffling off a Free Annex Model 271 Wood Bat. The first one thousand fans will have a chance to win. The lucky winner will be able to choose their own Size and Finishing. If you are already a member you Will be in the raffle. So become a fan today and encourage other people that you know to fan us on … [Read more...]

Harmon Killebrew Will Never Be Forgotten.

Today we lost a great man and a great Twins ball player, Harmon Killibrew (1936 - 2011).  I remember when the Twins had one of their first bobble head days, we hopped in a buddies box van and headed down to the Metrodome to be one of the select few to get a Harmon Killibrew bobble head. I remember thinking it was the coolest thing ever, and we just got there in time to get one, some guys sold … [Read more...]

What Are Your Thoughts On Ash Bats?

Annex Baseball is throwing the idea around about introducing Professional Quality Northern White Ash to our current clients and new customers. How many players still swing Ash? Are there many out there? We would like to hear your thoughts on this idea. If there is a market for this, we will be right on it. … [Read more...]

Opening Week And Tailgating

There was a lot of drama and excitement that occurred in the Major Leagues this week. From Manny Ramirez quitting baseball, season ending injuries, and a  couple of surprising 0-6 starts. But with all of that set aside it sure is great to have the baseball season underway. Summer is near, with warm weather to come, grill's are cooking up a storm and releasing the smells of summer days and nights. … [Read more...]

Long Winters In The Gym.

Long winters and slow starting springs are what us baseball players dread. I remember when I was a Junior in High school I made a campus visit up to UMD to check out there facilities and it was the beginning of April and there was at least 18" of snow still on the ground and mounds in every parking lot. I give them players props for working so hard and so long indoors. Talk about fine tuning your … [Read more...]

Annex Baseball Blog Is Here!

Welcome to The Annex Baseball Blog! The newest edition to our site. Thanks to Ryan and Cathi at, our blog and website came to life. We are opening up Spring/Summer 2011 with a new website, blog and a few more products to fit a more broad aspect of baseball players. We will also be adding a youth model for all of the little leaguers, stay tuned for more info. So hit the Shop … [Read more...]