Opening Week And Tailgating

Field-TailgatingThere was a lot of drama and excitement that occurred in the Major Leagues this week. From Manny Ramirez quitting baseball, season ending injuries, and a  couple of surprising 0-6 starts. But with all of that set aside it sure is great to have the baseball season underway. Summer is near, with warm weather to come, grill’s are cooking up a storm and releasing the smells of summer days and nights. I was thinking earlier today, what can I grill differently this year before the ball games, any ideas? I think it is time for something new, with more skill involved. After only having our new grill for only a week, it was ransacked by a wind storm. The wind completely knocked over the grill and cracked the top lid and destroyed the burners. It only took about 20 minutes to fix, but it looks pretty rough now. We haven’t decided if we are going to get a new one yet, but this one should hang in there for a few games anyway.


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