MLB Best Plays of All Time

I love web gems! I was looking around for a great collaboration of the best plays from 2012, I then came upon this clip of the Best MLB Plays of All Time! Of course the best plays will always be subjective, there are so many awesome web gems from over the years cropping up online for everyone. Take a look and lets hear what your favorite plays are. Let us know what time in the video it occurs. If you have another video link that you think is even better, please share it with all of us! This video was found on YouTube and was created by mastermachiine.

Being an infielder, I would have to say the clip of Ozzie Smith at about 50 seconds into it is my favorite. It required excellent hand and eye coordination to react to a ball taking an unexpected bounce like that. Then being able to hold onto the ball and complete the play. Simply amazing!

Best Plays of 2012

Here is a video that I found for the best plays of 2012, by ObJ52. Mike Trout is great and it will be fun to watch him in the future. One of the best things is that there is a lot of young talent coming into the league! New superstars are being born and rising fast, hopefully they can fill the shoes of some greats playing the game today.

Wow! At about 4:50 in #5 Sam Flud for the Tampa Bay Rays, running top speed dive into the warning track to come down with the ball. You can’t lay it out on the line any more than that!

To see the list of MLB Award Winners from 2012 check out this link

– Matt Ingle

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