Best Baseball Movies – By Annex Baseball

Throughout the years there have been some hits and misses when it comes to baseball movies. I have compiled my top ten list of baseball movies to date. There are a lot to choose from and it was a hard decision to make! My best baseball movie list contains comedies, fiction and true stories. But what makes a great baseball movie? I would have to say it must tell a great story, it can include fiction, and nothing beats a true story. As a kid, all I remember doing was dreaming of being in the big leagues. While growing up in the early 80’s and 90’s, we had baseball movies like: Rookie of The Year, Angles in the Outfield, Little big League and The sandlot. These movies had fiction to them and were every kids fantasy, they were great! After watching those movies, I always felt a like something magical or surreal could happen in the game of baseball. I always wished would magically be able to throw a 100mph baseball! On the other side you have true stories. Where the story is so great, it seems unreal. So it all comes down to personal preference and what the game means to you. Personally I like to think of the impossible, so a lot of the movies on my list are baseball stretching the boundaries of the game, making great stories and lets us imagine the impossible. Take some time and  take a look at my Top Ten Baseball Movies, feel free to share what your favorite baseball movies are at the bottom of the page.

10. A League of their Own


9. The Sandlot


8. Rookie of The Year


7. Major League


6. For the Love of The Game


5. Field of Dreams


4. Money Ball


3. 61


2. Bull Durham

1. The Natural


What are your favorites?

– Matt Ingle


  1. Bryan Remington says:

    Same movies minus rookie of the year, but in differnt order. Would put Bad News Bears in there. Put 61 2nd to Field of Dreams first, the Natural at #10 (lost something in editing, doesn’t hold up like the book does),and the rest for me could go in any order, guess it would depend o what I saw last 🙂

    • I do agree, it’s way to hard to come up with a list. I really liked Moneyball, too bad they Oakland did not go all the way that year. That would have been a great story. I wonder if they will ever make a movie about the 2004 Redsox’s. What a year that was!

  2. Hey Annex guys,

    Your top ten is pretty good.

    From someone who used to work in Hollywood and once turned down a baseball movie role to work on another project, I’d like to add a few more to the list for your consideration.

    The Final Season
    Trouble With The Curve
    Little Big League

    My Top 10:

    1. 61* (I’m not a Yankee fan!)
    2. Field of Dreams
    3. The Final Season
    4. Bull Durham
    5. Money Ball
    6. Major League
    7. A League of Their Own
    8. Trouble With the Curve
    9. Cobb
    10. Sugar

  3. My Top 3 in particular order:

    Field Of Dreams
    Major League

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