What Is Your Favorite Wood Bat Model?


What is your favorite wood bat model?
This is a question that I battle with myself constantly. I cannot choose just one bat model. There has to be a different model bat or weight for the situation that you are in. But of course you must feel comfortable with the wood bat you are using, and have a plan when you go up to the plate. For instance, say there are 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th inning. Tied up and the closer coming in to pitch, and you have to hit in that game winning run. I would like to choose a lighter (-2 oz) Annex wood bat Model 271 and possibly choke up on it a bit. The reason for this is because you don’t want to walk up to the plate with too heavy of a wood bat in that situation. My thoughts would be to hit a gap/slap shot to hit that winning run in. The lighter bat will allow you to have better control and pin point where you want to hit the ball. Earlier in the game I would use a Annex wood bat Model 110 or 271 at a -1oz to even oz wood bat. This bat weight will be more dense and it will have more power behind it, allowing me to hit the ball further. Giving me a better chance to knock one out of the park. However you need to know what kind of hitter you are and your own strength. In a way it can sometimes be like golf, but instead of the club, you have to pick the right bat.
So what are your favorite wood bat models? Do you have any certain wood bats that you use in key situations?



  1. Pearce Richardson says:

    271 is my favorite model by far. extremely comfortable and weighted great, and a bat that feels good can give you all the confidence you need.

  2. I would have to agree, as a player myself I think model 271 has the best balance. Thanks Pearce!

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