The Importance Of Youth Hitting With A Wooden Bat

After reading another blog recently about wooden bats, I was reminded my first encounter with a real wooden bat. When I was a kid I couldn’t wait to swing a real wooden bat. I was about 10 years old and I wanted to swing a wood bat just like the pro’s. So I found a wood bat that my dad used as a kid and we would go up into the field and take batting practice as much as we could. It was awesome, I just remember when it was time to work on my power swing, my goal was to swing so hard that the wood bat would break. It took a couple of years and it finally happened, I broke my first wooden bat. I was so proud and I even wrote, “my first cracked bat” on it and hung it up on my wall. I thought it was because I was getting stronger, but it was probably because I hit the wood bat in the wrong spot. I will never forget the importance of swinging a wooden bat at a young age, it was preached to me and I encourage every parent to put a wooden bat in the hands of there youth player.

Teaching your son/daughter to hit with a youth wooden baseball bat at a young age will put him/her ahead of his completion and help with developing great mechanics. The balance of a youth wooden baseball bat is much different than a aluminum bat in most cases. The wooden baseball bat will be more end loaded, meaning it will feel heavy in the barrel. Where aluminum baseball bat weight are able to be controlled, the weight is more evenly distributed throughout the bat. So if your youngster can learn early to swing a wooden bat correctly, it not only help with mechanics, but you will be giving them a head start to succeeding in the game that they love.
How to choose a Youth Wooden Baseball Bat.

We suggest using nothing heavier the a -5 drop for youth players. Anything heavier than that will make it too tough to swing. A great rule of thumb is, if you hold a wooden bat straight out in front of you and the barrel drops towards the ground, it is to heavy.

When picking out a wooden bat for youth players; your height and weight are the main components when choosing the right wooden bat. If you are purchasing a wooden bat for someone, we also have a bat sizing chart  Click here for Bat Guide, to help guide you to the right wooden bat for your youth player. Youth maximum barrel size: 2-1/2 inches in diameter. Selecting a youth wooden baseball bat that is to short or to long can affect your game in a big way. Choosing the right length of bat is very important. Start by referencing a widely used Bat Size Chart for Youth and Adults included on our website.


  1. Great blog! Please contact me asap, Thanks.

  2. My Son started using wood bat at 7 1/4 years old. After 3 months of 5 days practice using the wood bat. He got so good at driving the ball far. I recorded every practice and his improvement is literally by leaps and bounds. His body mechanics was just amazing, the way his rotates his body on its axis. His hands got stronger, stride got fancier and he would hit the sweet spot 90% of every practice we make. He doesn’t want to touch his aluminum bat anymore. Because the wood is heavy, when he swings the wood bat, he would pull the bat close to his body thus making his swing short and compact. He likes the crackling sound every time he hit the sweet spot. I bought several hitting device to improve his hitting but the last thing I bought was the wood bat and it is the only thing that improved his mechanics.

    This is all it started, I let him hit on a tee. He would hit 190 balls on a tee and rest every 30 balls. And hitting on a tee took us 3 weeks. After the tee, we moved to soft toss for 3 weeks, 200 balls every practice. After soft toss, we progressed to front toss which is 200 balls. Currently, now Im pitching at him 390 balls every practice, 5 days a week.

    He would drag me to practice every time. Instilling discipline is the most important thing to be good at this sport. I told him, if you want to be good, we have to practice. He takes 2 days off.. The fall season is about to start and he’s excited to be in the game and put his countless hours of practice to the test.

    We would practice in a public baseball park and he would hit using the wood bat. Adults who are waiting in practice have their aluminum bat on hand, they would often laugh at themselves because my son could handle the wood bat with great ease.

  3. Girrard and everyone reading this.

    Annex makes a excellent product, My son has used it in California College summer ball. He played for the academy barons and traded wood bats to a player from back east to get them. He hit great and had a great summer. Got his scholarship for how well he impressed college coaches.

    Thanks Annex bat company for the assist !!!

  4. My son has still a long way to go. He’s only 7 3/4 years old. But I was never wrong about wood bat. My son just started the fall ball season last 9/7/13. When they saw my son swung his bat, they were awed by the body mechanics from a 7 years old. They asked me how he did it and I told them, courtesy of a wood bat. He hit on the 2nd throw of the pitcher and the ball jump off the bat like a rainbow just like you see on a major league. Continuous batting 5 days a week using the wood helped him hit the ball with excellent accuracy by hitting the ball on tiny sweet spot of the wood. If you want your kid to be ahead of the game, have him start using wood early. Forget any other hitting device, buy a wood now, hit ball on a tee just like we did then progress to soft toss, front toss and finally live pitch. Always finish live pitch practice with a tee to ensure that the kid will finish his practice with a solid batting mechanics. Normally, kids deviate from the sound mechanics specially if you throw bad pitch. To correct the swing, thats the reason why we always finish live pitch with hitting on a tee.

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