How to Fix Your Batting Slump

Hitting SlumpHow to Fix The Feared Batting Slump.

One of the worst feeling things is to get involved in baseball is the dreadful batting slump. Going 0-20, 2-25, seen to be the start of some slumps. The reason why I am writing this blog is because I am caught in a 0-11 slump. I’m at beginning of the season in my amateur baseball league and it is not very fun at the plate. I have had a down year or two in the past with a low batting average. But a batting slump with a big 0 in front is a huge mental bender. But I do have to say, 90% of this slump is mental. I catch myself analyzing everything in my head; all of the scenarios and putting un-needed pressure on myself. I recommend approaching each at bat thinking that you are 0-0 or you are already 2-2 for the day, until you can spark your own confidence. Take some soft toss, relax, work on hitting to all gaps on the field before the game. Than bring that relaxation into the game, keep your weight back and let the pitch come to you. Take some pitches, once you see one you feel you can attack, take a great swing with out thinking.

These are my top 5 techniques to break a slump.

1.  Mental Games – Do not let your previous at bat affect you next at bat. You need to clear you mind of all the mental garbage that you are telling yourself and approach the next at bat with a clear mind and a positive attitude. Focus on one pitch at a time and have a plan. Think fast ball and react set yourself up for hit before it happens. Having a hitting plan will focus your brain on one task, not 20 different scenarios going on in your head.

2. Cage work – Practice in the cage prior to games, work on hitting to the whole field. Make sure your mechanics are flowing right. Build up some confidence in the cage, and have your coach critique your swing. Then when you get up to the plate let everything go, and attack your plan.

3. Go Opposite Field – Don’t worry about having to go up there and pull the ball to show off your power. Focus on driving the ball up the middle and see where that takes you. You will be surprised on what you can do by this simple game plan.

4. Have Fun – Simple, but true.

5. Have a Plan – Evaluate the pitcher while you are on the bench and in the on deck circle. Is he throwing a fast ball for first pitch strikes? Or is he a junk ball thrower? Use this information for your advantage. If he is throwing a fast ball for a strike on against a lot of hitters, step in there and plan on ripping that first pitch. Because you know his plan is to throw a strike on the first pitch. If he’s not, take some pitches until you get a strike. Make the pitcher challenge you, why? because you are better than him. Have a plan on hitting the ball up the middle for a base hit or to move a guy over. Don’t try to do to much, be happy about executing your plan and contributing to your team.

I will follow this 5 steps during my games and report back after every game.

The night of writing this post I actually got 2 hits in my baseball game. Breaking me out of my dreadful slump. I just went through the simple 5 steps after every at bat and it took a lot of the pressure off me.

My first at bat I went into a full count and struck out looking. My second at bat I hit a screamer into the gap for a stand up double. All I did was focus in the current moment and had a plan to hit the ball right back up the middle, and I ended up hitting a gap shot! It felt like a piano was lifted off my shoulders getting that hit, plus I finally had a smile on my face. The game went into extra innings and we ended up winning in the bottom of the 13th. I ended up going 2-5 with a single and a double, not to bad for a confidence booster. I will continue to take this approach when I head up to the plate and I know only good things can come out of it.

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