Annex Wooden Bats in Amateur Baseball

Annex Wood Bats in Amateur Baseball

Annex Wooden Bats have been creating a big impact in amateur baseball across the United States for the past five years. I am very proud of feedback we have received. Being an amateur baseball player myself, I know the quality and craftsmanship that needs to go into a wooden baseball bat. We offer a select variety of models that any type of hitter can choose from.  One very cool thing that I have noticed is that even the umpires are noticing the quality of an Annex Wooden Baseball Bat. On occasion when I walk up to the plate umpires ask me if I know who makes Annex Bats and where are they from. I proudly reply, I own Annex Baseball and we are from Minnesota. They have gone on to tell me they like the pop and the durability they have seen out of them over the years. I thought that was awesome, I love to hear first hand our wooden bats are making a impact on people.

If you purchase a wood bat from Annex you can get a professional quality wood baseball bat for a price of $75.95 + Free Shipping, we are the first bat manufacturer to offer free shipping on all of our bats. If you are buying from a different wooden bat manufacturer you are most likely paying $85-$120 and you have to pay for shipping on top of that. Compare our wooden baseball bats to any of the leaders in the wood bat industry and you will find that you will not go back. We have amateur players that are still swinging the same wooden bat from they purchased from us in out opening year back in 2007, any baseball player knows that’s a great investment. I encourage every amateur baseball player to try out our wooden bats, if your team or league buy bats in larger quantities we do have sponsorship discounts available. We have excellent turnaround time, 2-3 business days if your bat is in stock. If your order needs to be manufactured expect 7-10 business days for delivery. We are a smaller baseball company and growing, we do plan on expanding with more models and custom options, if we don’t have a model that you like, tell us and we will design it and eventually offer it. Other custom options in the future include names on the bat and introducing colors. We will always be proud of our unique fire branding signature look. So join our team today, and let us serve you at the plate!

– Matt Ingle



  1. I will agree %100. Annex is the best wood bat I have used period. I am a amateur player myself, and have been doing business with Annex for 4-5 years now and you cannot beat the quality and price. I personally been swinging the 280 model and have not broken it in three years! And it still has pop in it.
    Can’t say enough about the quality and always refer to whoever I can.

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