Blemished Bats For Sale, Great for Batting Practice!

Blemished Bats, Great for Batting Practice.

Annex blemished  bats may consist of minor pin knots, cosmetic color defects in the wood, slightly off weighted bats (usually from even oz to -1oz). These blem bats are great for Amateur baseball and batting practice because they did not meet our Professional Wood bat Quality inspection.

So what happens to a blem bat after being manufactured? After the blem bats are done with production, they get sealed in a plastic bag and wait for their excited buyer. I get emails from people that are looking for blem bats, because they simply don’t want to spend a lot of money for a bat that they will be beating up in the cage. Our clients love buying these because they are cheap and perfect for the cage. I am extending our blem bats to my blog readers, I will sell them to you for $45 with Free Shipping. They will come they will come right off our shelf as is: cupped, weight varies, may or may not have pin knots or color defects, finishing varies. You pick the model and it will be in the mail the next day. Blem bats are not available at our shop online, if you are interested contact me directly at, and I will set you up with a blemished maple bat. They do run out, so get them while supplies last!

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