Hot Summer Baseball Games

Last night was on one of the hottest baseball games I have played in the Twin Cities that I can remember. It was above 95 degrees with humidity making it feel well over 100 degrees. This baseball game started off bad! Our pitcher was thrown out of the game for just questioning a call from the umpire in the 2nd inning, no warning, just tossed. That set the tempo for the rest of the baseball game. Later our 1st baseman took himself out of the game due to heat overload. On top of that we were getting beat by 10 runs, making very long innings out in the field due to the offense of the visiting team. Games like that you hope for a quick outings by your pitcher and a fast tempo baseball game. I can’t even imagine how the home plate umpire wearing all that equipment, deals with hot games like that. If you have any stories about unbelievable hot games share your story. I would like to hear them!

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