Workouts For Baseball

Off Season Baseball Workouts

When it comes workouts for baseball I have ran into a system that many of you have already heard of P90X. I have graduated from the 90 day program, and it was very tough and mind bending. I didn’t do it to loose weight, my goal was to gain quickness and tone up. During the workouts I realized how beneficial it would be for an off season baseball work out. If you are any kind of athlete I would recommend this program to get you in shape. Especially for pitchers, the leg routine is amazing and builds strength like you wouldn’t believe. I am a pitcher and I noticed my fastball increase in velocity and my endurance was better than it has ever been. It built up my legs with strong lean muscle, my quads had that “tear drop” shape to them. I was actually shocked. Not only did the workouts make me feel great, I was getting great results. Now that I have finished the program, I have been implementing important techniques and workouts from P90X plus my own baseball exercises, to create a great system that works for me. If I was still in college, P90X would have been amazing to put me into shape for baseball, I think it will do wonders for players who stick to it and finish it. I would recommend using this as a off season workout program to lead up to opening day. Once the season starts stay consistent in the weight room to maintain your strength.

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