Minnesota Twins Baseball

Minnesota Twins Baseball

After watching the Twins get pounded last night it left a pretty bad taste in my mouth. Even though I was eating one of the best panini’s that I have ever had. The game featuring Twins vs. Texas last night was just a reminder on how much they have been struggling all year, the Twins lost by a football score of 20-6. Playoffs are looking like a long shot and I haven’t heard of any serious trade talks. I want to open up a discussion on what you think the Twins need to change for next year. I think they need a solid #1 starting pitcher, and tweak the middle relief a bit more. I think the oblivious also needs to happen, and that is keeping their franchise players healthy for the season. So lets hear your thoughts?


  1. mike hawk says:

    What they need to do is trade Joe, Justin, or Jason. They might even be able to get something nice for Cuddyer before sunday. An ace is a must for this franchise. Gibson needs to become that ace soon or they have to trade for one. Another good idea, if they can’tunload Joe, is to restructure his contract. Paying him way too much to hit singles. So, in closing, there needs to be at least one ace and a right handed batter with some pop. (JJ Hardy should have been that guy)

  2. The Twins need to trade Delmon Young and Denard Span. They need a set outfield that plays everyday. Kubel, Revere and Cuddyer would be just fine. They have a good farm system and could fill in a starter spot for next year with Gibson. I don’t know what kind of value Francisco Liriano holds, but I would look to see if we could get a couple prospects for him. I think it is going to be too hard to win this division. Sell/Trade now!

  3. That sounds like a pretty good outfield if they can hit like they can. We do need to go out and get a solid #1 starter more than anything. I think we should trade Liriano and Young for a power hitter. Ya, it will be definitely hard to take away the division this year. If Gibson could prove himself, he would be awesome at the #2 spot and push Pavano to #3. We also need another solid stick in the infield. I guess we will see what happens here in the next couple of days.

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