The Secretariat | Top 5 Sport Moments/Careers

I stumbled onto watching this movie for the first time over the weekend. I could not believe that I had never heard the story of Secretariat winning the Triple Crown in 1973. I love true story events that capture a nation like this one did. Movies like this inspire the inspired and take those that have lost hope and it lifts them up to a new beginning. That final race at Belmont Stakes of 1973 was one of a kind and like many others have said, it will likely never happen again. And thus far no horse and came close to Secretariats’ record breaking time of 2:24. That is one second faster than any other horse has ever ran at the one and a half mile Belmont Stakes track. A horse winning by that 31 lengths, and beating his oppenents by that much on the biggest stage of their respected sport. What else can you compare it to? Miracle on Ice? When the 1980 Olympic Hockey Team beat the Soviets and went on to win the Olympic gold medal. I mean, I can’t even think of anything that is even close to that race, in terms of the surreal amount of athleticism that the Secretariat showed at Belmont Stakes Triple Crown finale. What are your thoughts? I would like to see what your top 5 list would be for sporting moments/careers in history. All these should have capivated the Nation like Secretariat did in 1973. It’s a tought list to come up with and everyones will be different, expeacially if you lived in the moment of greatness and witnessed it.

Here is a link to the Triple Crown winner at the Belmont Stakes in 1973. The Secretariat in the Belmont Stakes

Mine are as follows:
1. 1980 Oylmpic Hockey Team Wins Gold Metal
2. Micheal Phelps Wins 8 Gold Metals in 2008 Oylmpics
3. Boston Wins World Series in 2004
4. Secretariat Wins Triple Crown 1973
5. Babe Ruth’s career

– Matt Ingle

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