Superstition in the Game of Baseball

Some of the most mysterious things hidden within the game of baseball are superstitions and rituals. Baseball players are known for having their own ways to keep their good play in check, or they try something very odd to get themselves out of a batting slump or a poor direction. This can consist of a one time act, or a ritualistic action based on superstition, that continues for every game played … [Read more...]

Annex Custom Wood Bats

Annex Baseball is proud to introduce custom name branding! Make your mark and customize your wood bat by having your name hand-burned into your baseball bat. Our loyal clients requested this option, so we jumped into action and teamed up with our branding experts so we could design this custom feature for everyone. There is a 20 character maximum limit, so choose your warrior name and take it into … [Read more...]

National Sports Collectors Convention

National Sports Collectors Convention, By Jason Vesledahl.   One of my favorite trips of the year was going to the National Sports Collectors Convention (NSCC). I grew up collecting baseball cards until I was 12, but I stopped to enjoy High School and college, so collecting anything took a back seat, until I rediscovered it again 3 years ago. The show was July 31st to August 4th in … [Read more...]