Tommy John Surgery

I have been a pitcher all of my life and have had a chance to meet many great pitchers. I only know one player that has had a Tommy John surgery and another friend of mine received surgery on his growth plate for his left elbow. My friend was young enough where they were able to repair it without the use of the Tommy John procedure. It seems like into today's game there are many players that have … [Read more...]

Stan Musial

The 2013 MLB has begun and the standings are off to an early start. There have been many stories already taking form, but I want to talk about one of them. That is the great "Stan the Man," Stan Musial. In St. Louis on Monday, April 8th, the St. Louis Cardinals had their home opener for the 2013 season. As usual they opened the doors with their cherished Hall of Famers making in entrance. However, … [Read more...]

The World Baseball Classic

The World Baseball Classic [WBC] was born after the Olympic Committee discontinued baseball in the Olympics in 2005. I was upset when Baseball was removed out of the Olympic games, now I look at it as a way to popularize the sport and to help it grow among young people looking to play the game of baseball. The WBC has grown into a major sporting event, It still needs to catch on full force here … [Read more...]