Hunter Pence Broken Bat – Hit Ball Three Times!

Here is a clip of Hunter Pence and the amazing slow footage of Hunter hitting the ball three times with his broken bat. Game Seven of the NLCS.   - Matt Ingle … [Read more...]

Wood Bats

Annex Baseball Company Hits Home Run With Professional Quality Wood Bats   Minneapolis, MN – Annex Baseball, a family owned wood bat company, is currently positioned for a power play. Established in 2007 by Matt and Tony Ingle, Annex Baseball has created an affordable, professional quality wood bat for baseball players of all ages and all skill levels - youth, amateur, and professional. … [Read more...]

Baseball’s Triple Crown 2012…A Sure MVP?

  Baseball's most impressive individual Title is the Triple Crown. The Batting Triple Crown consists of either a American or National league player the leads in these three categories: Batting Average, Home Runs and Runs Batted in (RBI). Players who reach the glory and accomplishment to be a Triple Crown winner, are simply in a league of their own and will never be forgotten. If you are … [Read more...]