History of THE Baseball

The Change of the Baseball Have you ever ripped open a baseball to find out what was inside? Or even went as far as unraveling the yarn to find the rubber or cork ball at the core? I did that a few times as a kid and actually hit the cover off one baseball with my wood bat. I remember finding Chinese comic strips wound up and put inside of it. It was a odd discovery and it led me to tear into … [Read more...]

Honus Wagner – The Most Expensive Baseball Card Ever!

In recent news Karl Kissner, from Ohio, found a Honus Wagner baseball card (not card above) along with a dozen other Hall of Famer baseball cards dating to the early 1900's, in the attic of his grandpa's house. They were expected to bring in a total of $500,000, but at auction this past week they sold for $566,132. Of course I've heard of Honus Wagner and the rarity of his baseball card before. … [Read more...]

The First Major League All-Star Game

With the 83rd MLB All-Star game tonight, I wanted to do some research about the first epic All-Star game which was played on July 6th, 1933 at Comiskey Park in Chicago. During this time the Worlds Fair was in Chicago and a man named Arch Ward, who was a sports editor for the Chicago tribune at the time, had an idea to bring the best baseball players together for a show down during the Worlds Fair. … [Read more...]