The First Major League All-Star Game

With the 83rd MLB All-Star game tonight, I wanted to do some research about the first epic All-Star game which was played on July 6th, 1933 at Comiskey Park in Chicago. During this time the Worlds Fair was in Chicago and a man named Arch Ward, who was a sports editor for the Chicago tribune at the time, had an idea to bring the best baseball players together for a show down during the Worlds Fair. … [Read more...]

Who Was Shoeless Joe Jackson?

Shoeless Joe's was born to the name Joseph Jefferson Jackson on July 16th 1887, in Pickens County, South Carolina. He was born to a hard working east coast family where his father George was a sharecropper and would help the harvest the land that he rented and split it with the owner of their property to make his living. George moved the family to Greensville, South Carolina when Joe was in his … [Read more...]

100 Years At Fenway Park

Growing up a true baseball fan I was always intrigued by the history of the game and the grounds they were played on. Did you know that Fenway is 1 of 2 classic stadiums left? They are the Wrigley Field and Fenway Park, Fenway is the oldest Major League Stadium which just had it's 100th birthday on April 20th 2012. When Fenway Park opened in 1912, the Red Sox beat the New York Islanders (Later … [Read more...]

Top 10 Baseball History Facts. Who Knew?…

After doing some research I have compiled a few odd yet amazing baseball history facts. I was in awe of some of this, and it was a fun re-reading about how the game used to be played. If you have any interesting baseball facts to share, please do! Baseball has came a long way, our number one fact is a pure example of that.   #10. The Wood Baseball Bat In the beginning years of the game of … [Read more...]

High School Baseball Changing To Wood Bats?…

High School Baseball going back to wood bats has been a strong topic for the past 6 years. Ball park safety is a large part of the reasoning for a transition back to the roots of baseball. By using wood bats in high school and college, the plan is to reduce the amount of injuries and fatalities related to the excessive speeds produced when a ball is hit by an aluminum bat. It can be very … [Read more...]

The Secretariat | Top 5 Sport Moments/Careers

I stumbled onto watching this movie for the first time over the weekend. I could not believe that I had never heard the story of Secretariat winning the Triple Crown in 1973. I love true story events that capture a nation like this one did. Movies like this inspire the inspired and take those that have lost hope and it lifts them up to a new beginning. That final race at Belmont Stakes of 1973 was … [Read more...]

Annex Baseball Signs Base Hit LLC As First Retail Dealer!

Hi Everyone! I would like wish everyone a wonderful holiday and happy New Year. Another fast year has gone by and we have delivered our best to make our clients succeed at the plate. We appreciate and are very thankful  for becoming a brand that you can trust and the relationships we have gained with leagues, teams and businesses these past 5 years. Our 2012 outlook looks positive, we are proud to … [Read more...]

Money Ball

Money Ball -based on the best-selling book and starring Brad Pitt, Jonna Hill and Philip Seymour Hoffman. I remember the 2002 Major League season very well. Mostly because of the final game in the ALDS when the Oakland Athletics lost to the Minnesota Twins, which Twins fans get to see at the end of this movie. Everyday Eddie closed it down to advance the Twins to the ALCS, making it a glorious … [Read more...]

2011 North End State Run – Minnesota Class “A” Baseball

State Appearances 2006, 2010, 2011 The North End Biscuits, part of the Minnesota Amateur Baseball Class "A" League, is having quite a run after half way through this season. Led by Managers Tom Paitich and Dave Zschokke, the Biscuits Started 1-4 on the season an they were able to turn that around with a record of 17-7 and a current 10 game winning streak! The first part of the season got off to a … [Read more...]

Annex Baseball Featured On Volusion!

Annex Baseball has been hand selected for it's excellent design structure and quality by Volusion. It is now featured on Volusion's website to be showcased  and recognized world wide. Volusion is one of the top website hosting companies on the web, and has been the answer for over 25,000 entrepreneurs looking to sell online. It is awesome to see us chosen out of so many websites and put up on … [Read more...]