Stan Musial

The 2013 MLB has begun and the standings are off to an early start. There have been many stories already taking form, but I want to talk about one of them. That is the great "Stan the Man," Stan Musial. In St. Louis on Monday, April 8th, the St. Louis Cardinals had their home opener for the 2013 season. As usual they opened the doors with their cherished Hall of Famers making in entrance. However, … [Read more...]

The World Baseball Classic

The World Baseball Classic [WBC] was born after the Olympic Committee discontinued baseball in the Olympics in 2005. I was upset when Baseball was removed out of the Olympic games, now I look at it as a way to popularize the sport and to help it grow among young people looking to play the game of baseball. The WBC has grown into a major sporting event, It still needs to catch on full force here … [Read more...]

Best Baseball Movies – By Annex Baseball

Throughout the years there have been some hits and misses when it comes to baseball movies. I have compiled my top ten list of baseball movies to date. There are a lot to choose from and it was a hard decision to make! My best baseball movie list contains comedies, fiction and true stories. But what makes a great baseball movie? I would have to say it must tell a great story, it can include … [Read more...]

MLB Best Plays of All Time

I love web gems! I was looking around for a great collaboration of the best plays from 2012, I then came upon this clip of the Best MLB Plays of All Time! Of course the best plays will always be subjective, there are so many awesome web gems from over the years cropping up online for everyone. Take a look and lets hear what your favorite plays are. Let us know what time in the video it occurs. If … [Read more...]

Aluminum Bat History

Have you ever wondered, how and why aluminum baseball bats ever came to be?   The first ever patent for an aluminum bat came by a man named William Shroyer in 1924, patent # 1,499,128. In his design there was a spot at the end of the barrel where you could add more weight if desired. It is said that this idea of aluminum bats came to him due to the splintering of wood bats. That was a long … [Read more...]

Hunter Pence Broken Bat – Hit Ball Three Times!

Here is a clip of Hunter Pence and the amazing slow footage of Hunter hitting the ball three times with his broken bat. Game Seven of the NLCS.   - Matt Ingle … [Read more...]

Wood Bats

Annex Baseball Company Hits Home Run With Professional Quality Wood Bats   Minneapolis, MN – Annex Baseball, a family owned wood bat company, is currently positioned for a power play. Established in 2007 by Matt and Tony Ingle, Annex Baseball has created an affordable, professional quality wood bat for baseball players of all ages and all skill levels - youth, amateur, and professional. … [Read more...]

Baseball’s Triple Crown 2012…A Sure MVP?

  Baseball's most impressive individual Title is the Triple Crown. The Batting Triple Crown consists of either a American or National league player the leads in these three categories: Batting Average, Home Runs and Runs Batted in (RBI). Players who reach the glory and accomplishment to be a Triple Crown winner, are simply in a league of their own and will never be forgotten. If you are … [Read more...]

History of THE Baseball

The Change of the Baseball Have you ever ripped open a baseball to find out what was inside? Or even went as far as unraveling the yarn to find the rubber or cork ball at the core? I did that a few times as a kid and actually hit the cover off one baseball with my wood bat. I remember finding Chinese comic strips wound up and put inside of it. It was a odd discovery and it led me to tear into … [Read more...]

Honus Wagner – The Most Expensive Baseball Card Ever!

In recent news Karl Kissner, from Ohio, found a Honus Wagner baseball card (not card above) along with a dozen other Hall of Famer baseball cards dating to the early 1900's, in the attic of his grandpa's house. They were expected to bring in a total of $500,000, but at auction this past week they sold for $566,132. Of course I've heard of Honus Wagner and the rarity of his baseball card before. … [Read more...]