Youth Wood Bats – Youth Wood Bat Leagues

Youth Wood Bats - Youth Wood Bat Leagues If you are a looking for a youth wood bat supplier for your youth wood bat league or team we offer team and league discounts. Our Annex youth wood bats are cut from MLB quality wood. So you know you are bringing quality to the plate with Annex. I really enjoy cutting youth bats, I think it's pretty neat to see an adult model made into a little youth size … [Read more...]

Minnesota Twins Baseball

Minnesota Twins Baseball After watching the Twins get pounded last night it left a pretty bad taste in my mouth. Even though I was eating one of the best panini's that I have ever had. The game featuring Twins vs. Texas last night was just a reminder on how much they have been struggling all year, the Twins lost by a football score of 20-6. Playoffs are looking like a long shot and I haven't … [Read more...]

Workouts For Baseball

Off Season Baseball Workouts When it comes workouts for baseball I have ran into a system that many of you have already heard of P90X. I have graduated from the 90 day program, and it was very tough and mind bending. I didn't do it to loose weight, my goal was to gain quickness and tone up. During the workouts I realized how beneficial it would be for an off season baseball work out. If you are … [Read more...]

Hot Summer Baseball Games

Last night was on one of the hottest baseball games I have played in the Twin Cities that I can remember. It was above 95 degrees with humidity making it feel well over 100 degrees. This baseball game started off bad! Our pitcher was thrown out of the game for just questioning a call from the umpire in the 2nd inning, no warning, just tossed. That set the tempo for the rest of the baseball game. … [Read more...]

How To Hit With Maple Bats

How to hit with maple bats. Research has found Sugar Maple to be 10% harder, stiffer, and stronger than White Ash. Recent changes increased its safety factor in reference to maple bat breakage. Those changes include enhancing the initial selection process, and rotating the hitting surface of the wooden maple bats (the grain of the wood) by 90 degrees. In doing so, the contact point for a maple … [Read more...]

Blemished Bats For Sale, Great for Batting Practice!

Blemished Bats, Great for Batting Practice. Annex blemished  bats may consist of minor pin knots, cosmetic color defects in the wood, slightly off weighted bats (usually from even oz to -1oz). These blem bats are great for Amateur baseball and batting practice because they did not meet our Professional Wood bat Quality inspection. So what happens to a blem bat after being manufactured? After … [Read more...]

Annex Wooden Bats in Amateur Baseball

Annex Wood Bats in Amateur Baseball Annex Wooden Bats have been creating a big impact in amateur baseball across the United States for the past five years. I am very proud of feedback we have received. Being an amateur baseball player myself, I know the quality and craftsmanship that needs to go into a wooden baseball bat. We offer a select variety of models that any type of hitter can choose … [Read more...]

How to Fix Your Batting Slump

How to Fix The Feared Batting Slump. One of the worst feeling things is to get involved in baseball is the dreadful batting slump. Going 0-20, 2-25, seen to be the start of some slumps. The reason why I am writing this blog is because I am caught in a 0-11 slump. I'm at beginning of the season in my amateur baseball league and it is not very fun at the plate. I have had a down year or two in … [Read more...]

The Importance Of Youth Hitting With A Wooden Bat

After reading another blog recently about wooden bats, I was reminded my first encounter with a real wooden bat. When I was a kid I couldn't wait to swing a real wooden bat. I was about 10 years old and I wanted to swing a wood bat just like the pro's. So I found a wood bat that my dad used as a kid and we would go up into the field and take batting practice as much as we could. It was awesome, I … [Read more...]

What Is Your Favorite Wood Bat Model?

  What is your favorite wood bat model?   This is a question that I battle with myself constantly. I cannot choose just one bat model. There has to be a different model bat or weight for the situation that you are in. But of course you must feel comfortable with the wood bat you are using, and have a plan when you go up to the plate. For instance, say there are 2 outs in the bottom of the … [Read more...]